Introducing our Team

Say Hi to the team at RHQ,
One and all, old and new,
Zipping round to service you.
They are the “Men in Blue”

Scott Mathers
Managing Director

Scott, whom most of you know,
Has been here right from the word go,
Refrigeration Mechanic, Design and Management too,
48 years of experience and knowledge for you.


Graeme Moloney RHQ 01
Service Manager

Graeme another familiar face,
He is our Refrigeration Engineering ace.
With 37 years experience coming out of his ears,
Graeme has been with RHQ for years and years.


Angus Mathers RHQ 02
Senior Service Technician

Angus, the next generation,
His aim – Satisfying customers with dedication,
12 years of experience he’s had with RHQ,
Working hard and doing a great job for you.


Chris Mills RHQ 03
Senior Service Technician

Chris, a senior member of the team,
He’s grown up with us or so it seems.
12 years refrigeration experience under his belt,
Putting all his effort into every job he’s dealt.


Matthew Rolfe RHQ 04
Senior Service Technician

Matthew, joined RHQ in January 06,
He’s learned in that time just what to fix.
The young face of the Team he may be,
But his appearance is deceiving, you’ll see.


Wayne Malouf RHQ 06
Senior Service Technician

Wayne, now a Senior Tech,
Repairing and Servicing up to specs.
Has stored tech info in his mind, So all your problems he can find.


Keyan Appleby RHQ 07
Service Technician

Keyan a new recruit to the team,
A convert from sales it would seem.
He has some experience up his slieve,
We will expand his knowledge like you wouldn’t believe.


Kieran Evenden RHQ 08
Service Technician

Kieran joined us in late 2010.
His aim to learn his trade by a certain date.
College and training to absorb the things he needs.
He will achieve his skills with all due speed.


Wendy Mathers
Wendy, Scott’s wife and partner over time,
Looks after us all and keeps us in line,
Management and the overall picture she sees,
Looking after the integral business needs.


Ainslie Allen
Administration Manager

Ainslie, another of the next generation,
She finds solving problems has become her vocation,
Admin Management and Customer Service are her things,
Any problems at all you can give her a ring.