LCDT-207E Electronic Combi Steamer7 X 2/1 GN

• Capacity: 7x 2/1 GN, 65mm GN trays
• Trays insertion: lengthwise
• Control panel: touch small
• Indicative quantity of meals: 150
• Cooking chamber heating: electric
• Steam generation: Direct steam
• Convection mode with humidity regulation: temp, range bet 20c and 270c
• Steam mode: Temp, range between 20c and 100c
• Core probe: Temp, range between 20c and 99c
• Delta function: Tempe, range between 30c and 150c
• Automatic programs: 150 stored programs with the possibility for the user to
add 150 more
• Cook & hold: Holding phase at a safe temperature to limit bacterial
• Reduced fan speed two ventilation speeds to be selected
• Autoreverse: autoreverse device for rotation directional reversal
• Electromechanical release valve: its opening allows the steam outlet of the cooking chamber
• Fast cooking: quick cooling down of the cooking chamber, with open door through the cooking chamber fan
• Automatic washing: automatic washing system with detergent tabs

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