Coldrooms and Freezer Rooms

Do you have a Coldroom or Freezer Room that is not working properly?

RHQ can help –
  • If it is a Equipment failure we can fix it.
  • Is it the doors not sealing or working properly – we can do door repairs and gasket replacement.
  • If it is a room (panel) failure we can recommend the best options to fix it and organise the repair.
  • If your equipment is working but the temperature or humidity are wrong for your needs we can assess the room for you and give you options to fix the problem.

Do you need a New Coldroom or Freezer Room?

RHQ’s specialist refrigeration engineers are able to tailor your rooms to meet your specific needs.

What sort of room do you need?

This is a big question and one RHQ can help you answer.
The answer depends on many things –
  • How big or small is the room?
    • Where are you putting the room?
    • How much product do you need to put in the room?
    • Do you need space for people to work in the room?
  • What temperature do you need the room to be?
    • What is your product – different products need different temperature and humidity.
      • Standard food products – a Neutral Room
      • Meat – Cold and Wet
      • Fruit and Veg – Generally Cold and Moist
      • Cakes and Bakery Products – Cold and Moist
      • Flowers – Cold and Moist
      • Chocolate – Cool and Dry
      • Wine – Cool and Dry
  • When does your product get delivered?

Coldroom and Freezer Room Services
RHQ are the experts in Coldroom and Freezer Room:
  • Service
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Design
  • Installation
All these questions and more have an impact on what type of room you need.
RHQ can work with you on designing and manufacturing the right room for your needs –
  • Size and position.
  • Type of doors for the best access
  • Type of insulation
  • Type of flooring
  • Type of refrigeration equipment

RHQ can help you project manage your Coldroom and freezer room right from the design stage through the installation to operational services and then we will help you maintain it for the longest life possible on your investment.

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