Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

RHQ services all types of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Buying commercial refrigeration has never been so simple with RHQ. We are the commercial refrigeration experts with multiple decades in the sector. We have the necessary knowledge and contacts to deliver the best products at the best prices, no matter what your refrigeration needs are we can help from advising you on the right types to helping you with any after sales questions and issues you may have. The RHQ team is here to help and we pride ourselves on going the extra distance for our commercial clients.

We stand behind every product we sell and will help you to find the ideal refrigeration unit, no matter whether you are fitting out a commercial kitchen, large supermarket or smaller convenience store. Our fridges are available in a wide variety of unit styles including service counters, refrigerated multi-decks and semi-verticals, wall-sited cases and islands, vertical freezers, display fridges, plug-in cabinets and refrigeration systems and controls.

We understand that for every business there is a careful balance between quality and price. That is why we work so hard to keep our prices competitive, it is also why we help all our customers find the ideal commercial refrigeration equipment for their specific needs, by providing accurate and insightful advice we are able to help you balance your budgetary requirements with your need for reliability and functionality.

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