Scheduled Maintenance For Refrigeration and Cooking Equipment

RHQ addresses all your commercial refrigeration and cooking equipment maintenance requirements.

RHQ recommends at minimum a quarterly maintenance on all your refrigeration / cold storage and cooking equipment (especially Electrical equipment) to keep it in the best working condition possible.
Customers on Regular Maintenance have virtually no equipment failures. If your serious about zero downtime in your business, regular maintenance is hands down the way to go.
RHQ will schedule your maintenance for you and remind you when it is due.
RHQ routine maintenance can be scheduled to happen at times that are convenient to you…
  • Far better than a nasty breakdown on your busiest day, which means a service man working under your feet trying to fix the problem.
RHQ believes that with regular maintenance we can save you money, when your Equipment is in the best working condition possible it means…
  • Fewer expensive emergency breakdowns
  • Power savings because equipment runs as economically as possible
RHQ is proud of our product and our friendly, dependable, experienced service team is always available to maintain your equipment in top condition.

Your business is reliable on the performance of your commercial kitchen. So establishing a routine maintenance will provide great benefits. Setting up a routine for maintaining your kitchen equipment provides great advantages for your business.

Key benefits Include:

Safety – Protect your equipment from the risks of sudden commercial kitchen appliance breakdown

Save Time and Money. On time maintenance will save your time and money by applying proactive approach for addressing the problems that may harm your equipment.

Prolonged Lifespan. By taking care of the equipment lifespan of the equipment can be increased..

Optimal Performance. Off course maintenance costs will be an extra cost that you have to add to your budget but that will provide you best return on investment by making sure continual operation of the equipment.

That is why commercial refrigeration and cooking equipment maintenance is crucial and here at RHQ provide the full maintenance service for the kitchen equipments.

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