RHQ repairs all types of Industrial Refrigeration Equipment in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.
RHQ have a reputation for the fastest response time in the industry.
RHQ’s Technicians are backed up by a Customer Service team with over 70 years experience in the commercial service industry.
RHQ has 8 vans on the road with qualified technicians ready to attend to all your commercial refrigeration and cooking equipment service and repair needs.
Refrigeration and Cooking Equipment Service
RHQ can also Service and Repair your industrial equipment. See our RHQ Products page.
RHQ have access to a wide range of suppliers for parts that may be needed to repair your equipment.
RHQ’s Customers are our priority – we will do our best to help with all your service and repair needs.
RHQ’s Technicians are trained and licensed with – ArctickBSA and Restricted Electrical.
Refrigeration and Cooking Equipment Service
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